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NAIFA Capital 50 Fund

We are very excited to announce that NAIFA Maryland’s application for a grant under NAIFA’s Capital 50 Fund has been approved. The purpose of the ‘Cap50’ program is to help state associations which already have an effective state advocacy program take their advocacy program to the ‘next level’ by improving the association’s advocacy ‘infrastructure’, and we are confident that this grant will improve the effectiveness and strength of our association’s overall state legislative and regulatory activities.

In recent years, the advocacy requirements for NAIFA Maryland have increased dramatically.  Politically, Maryland is a deep-blue state, with registered Democrats outnumbering registered Republicans by a two to one margin.  Partly because of its proximity to Washington DC, Maryland is receptive to government initiatives and programs that are traditionally the subject of private sector activity.   NAIFA Maryland members must educate legislators on the role of the private sector generally, the specific value provided by the professionals who comprise NAIFA Maryland membership, and the importance of our industry’s products and services for Maryland citizens.

This grant will assist NAIFA Maryland in enhancing our ability to achieve the objectives described above.  It is in two parts:

1) An expanded event during the 2018 Legislative Session to which all members of the Maryland General Assembly, together with other key public officials such as the Insurance Commissioner will be invited.  This will be an evening reception entitled “Evening in Annapolis.”  It represents a significant expansion of a current program offered by NAIFA Maryland and several insurance producer groups that has traditionally invited only the members of three Standing Committees of the legislature.
2) A series of five regional legislative events held in the fall of 2017 throughout the State. These are intended both to promote our advocacy message and to encourage attendance by public officials and NAIFA Maryland members at the upcoming statewide “Evening in Annapolis.”

We will be sure to let you know ahead of time when these events are scheduled

These regional events will build upon similar events sponsored in the past by local associations.  They will differ, however, in their focus on a single, unified advocacy message, coupled with an active promotion of attendance at “Evening in Annapolis” in 2018.

Each of these regional events will have one or more key local legislators as guests, together with local NAIFA Maryland members. These events will be informal, anticipating a roundtable discussion between individual NAIFA Maryland members and their local legislators about the impact of certain programs and initiatives that directly affect NAIFA Maryland members and their clients.

We anticipate that the grant, which will allow an expansion of these events, will provide NAIFA Maryland a much better opportunity to show potential members the value of State and federal advocacy – which is the founding mission of NAIFA.

Beginning in July of 2017, the NAIFA Maryland Executive Committee will begin to make decisions about the location and time for the regional events and establish a tentative date for “Evening in Annapolis.” The regional events should be held in November and December, relatively close to the date of “Evening in Annapolis.”

Each of the regional events is anticipated to incur an additional unbudgeted expense to NAIFA Maryland in the range of approximately $800 per event.  This amount will be sufficient to cover the costs of securing space and providing refreshments appropriate to the number of attendees.  We expect the additional cost for “Evening in Annapolis”, which will expand the number of invited legislators and public officials from the current, budgeted number of 75 to 200, to be $4,000.  (By way of comparison, the total cost for this event in 2017, with approximately 100 attendees was $3,800).

Additional details:

1)  The NAIFA Maryland Executive Director and Lobbyist will prepare and deliver a one-hour Continuing Education approved program that will be directed to the specific issues to be discussed with legislative attendees.  This program will be delivered at each regional event, prior to the arrival of public officials.
2)  While all of these legislative events will be hosted, branded and advertised as NAIFA Maryland events, we anticipate inviting the members of other producer organizations with whom we work closely on legislative and regulatory matters.