Advocacy is the single most important benefit of your NAIFA membership!

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Did you know that YOU have the power to effect positive change in your industry? YES, YOUR VOICE MATTERS and your Federal and State leadership ACTUALLY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. How else will they know what is going on in YOUR particular neck of the woods in YOUR industry if you DON’T SAY ANYTHING? If all you can do is sit back and complain about the changes in the health and financial services industry and grumble about the new laws and whine about useless regulations, and unproductive legislation, and wasteful spending, then STOP IT.

DO SOMETHING through positive, informative, open dialogue with your fellow industry peers and communicate regularly with your State lobbyist and Federal leaders about what matters to you. You can begin to do this through the grass root efforts of APIC and IFAPAC on both the State and the Federal level.

At the state level, your lobbyists, Bryson Popham, and Joan Smith are working all the time to protect your interests and prevent unnecessary and intrusive legislation. In 2012, he worked with the legislature to insert language into the Exchange Bill that would prevent the Exchange from selling any insurance lines other than health, dental, or vision, without the approval of the legislature.

At the National level, NAIFA is working all the time to form and maintain relationships with key Federal legislators, keeping them educated and informed on how current legislative issues affect the insurance and financial industries. For regular communications from the National level, click any of the links below to check out the newsletters and subscribe to the RSS feeds.