NCAA March Madness Basketball Squares Game

NCAA March Madness Basketball Squares Game



NCAA March Madness Basketball Squares Game

Once again, NAIFA Maryland is hosting a squares game around the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament to raise money to support its legislative efforts in Annapolis.

To pay by credit card click HERE.


You do not have to be a member to play.
So, please pass the word.
Get the whole office involved, your mother-in-law, next door neighbor.

Each square on the 10 by 10 board is being sold for a $50 contribution to NAIFA Maryland. Every game in the tournament will have a winner with the exception of the four play-in games on March 19 and 20. The winner will be determined by the ones digit of the final score of each game. All participants have an equal chance of winning and can win multiple times during the tournament. The higher seed’s score will be on the horizontal line; the lower seed’s score will be on the vertical line for every game. For example, if the final score of a game is 85 to 82 with the higher seed winning, then whoever has the 5 (horizontal)/2 (vertical) block wins that game. Every tournament game will use the same criteria.*

The games will pay the following prizes:

Round 1 (16 games on March 21 and 16 games on March 22): $10 per game
Round 2 (8 games on March 23 and 8 games on March 24): $20 per game
Sweet 16 (4 games on March 28 and 4 games on March 29): $40 per game
Elite 8 (2 games on March 30 and 2 games on March 31): $80 per game
Final Four (2 games on April 6): $160 per game
Championship Game (on April 8): $320

Reserve your square now.

Email Willie Franklin at: and indicate how many squares you would like.

To pay by credit card click HERE.

If you would like to pay by check: make it out to NAIFA-MD

and mail it to: NAIFA-Maryland  191 Main St. Suite 200, Annapolis MD 21401

*Prior to the Final Four and Championship games, an email confirmation will be sent confirming which line (horizontal or vertical) the teams will be assigned in the event that any of the teams have the same regional seed.