NAIFA Capital 50 Fund

NAIFA Capital 50 Fund

Building Strength and Success in State Advocacy

Every year, thousands of bills relating to the insurance and financial services industry are introduced in the state legislatures, many of which could severely impact the way insurance agents and advisors do business.

When effective advocacy is needed at the state level, NAIFA members take action.

That’s why NAIFA has established the Capital 50 Fund, an initiative that calls for our strategic partners to invest resources in NAIFA’s state associations’ advocacy activity that will positively influence state legislative and regulatory processes. Strategic coordination of industry resources and activities requires targeting areas and state issues that need them the most. Northwestern Mutual is the first company to formally sign as a partner to leverage NAIFA’s presence in every state capital and our unparalleled grassroots network.

State advocacy calls for a range of activities that require strategic and financial support, which include:

  • Reaching and educating lawmakers through successful  “Day at the Capital” events;
  • Forming, growing and documenting key relationships between NAIFA members and state legislators and regulators; and
  • Reviewing and raising awareness of proposed state regulations and legislation that would impact agents and advisors.

In the U.S. Congress today, 50 percent of the Senators and 51 percent of the House members previously served as state legislators or as governors prior to their election to federal office. NAIFA’s longtime success in advocacy at the state and federal levels is the result of dedicated NAIFA member professionals who have established relationships with lawmakers and a passion to protect the financial freedom and security of the individuals, families and businesses who count on them.

The NAIFA Capital 50 Fund is a new initiative that calls for strategic partners to invest resources that will positively influence the state and legislative regulatory process. We are certain a coordinated industry effort with companies like yours will make an even greater impact by applying established guidelines and targeting resources to areas that need them the most. Partners will have input in what issues they choose to support, and which states they choose to engage.

The goal of the Fund is to execute a highly impactful state advocacy program in which strategic partners invest resources in order to positively influence the state legislative and regulatory environment and process. Strategic partner investments will create a fund to support the NAIFA federation’s state advocacy efforts. NAIFA state associations will submit funding proposals to an Evaluation Committee, which will determine the association’s eligibility to receive a grant, based in part on the state association meeting a set of specific standards.

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